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Басканская школа по астрочастицам: 10-18 Апреля 2019, Приэльбрусье

Пришла рассылка, вдруг кому интересно:
16th Baksan School on Astroparticle Physics co-organized by Institute for Nuclear Research (Moscow), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) and APPEC, to be held in a pictorial National Park close to Mt. Elburs  on April 10-18, 2019.

Lecture courses:

  • Modern methods of neutrino detection, by Alain Blondel (Geneva U.)

  • Machine learning in astroparticle physics, by Oleg Kalashev (INR, Moscow)

  • Multimessenger astrophysics, by Michael Kachelriess (NTNU Trondheim)

Separate lectures:

  • Neutrino oscillations: experimental review (Yuri Kudenko - INR, Moscow)

  • MeV Neutrino Astrophysics (Mark Vagins - UC Irvine)

  • Detection techniques for gravitational waves (Denis Martynov - University of Birmingham)

  • JINR astroparticle physics program (Dmitry Naumov - JINR)

  • Baksan astroparticle physics program (Valery Kuzminov - BNO INR, Neutrino) (TBC)

The deadline for registration was extended till February 1 to fill remaining vacant places for graduate students, advanced undergraduates and young postdocs. The unique features of the school are:

  • Three 6-lecture courses by leading experts on neutrino detection, machine learning and multimessenger astrophysics, supplemented by tutorials, practical work, highlight lectures and short reports by the participants.

  • Excursion to Baksan Neutrino Observatory underground labs (4800 mwe).

  • Location in a national park close to Mt. Elbrus (5642), one of the "Seven Summits" of the World, with possibilities for skiing and hiking during long mid-day breaks.

  • There are 10 fellowships for European students and 5 fellowships for students from Russia covering full-board lodging, airport transfer, banquet and excursion.

The registration fee is 325 EUR which includes full-board lodging, airport transfer, banquet and excursion.
More information on the School website and in the attached poster.
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