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"Физика звезд и планет: атмосферы, активность, магнитные поля": Шемахинская обсерватория

Пришла рассылка, может быть интересно коллегам по соответсвующим тематикам:
“Physics of Stars and Planets: Atmosphere, Activity, Magnetic Fields”
September 16 to 20, 2019
Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory of  Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

The main topics of Conference:
1. Spectra of stars: observations, processing, modelling
2. Parameters, chemical composition of stellar atmospheres, magnetic fields of stars
3. Stellar activity, non-stationary stars
4. Compact objects
5. The structure and evolution of stars
6. Physics of the Solar System
7. Extrasolar Planets

1. Stellar atmospheres
2. Stellar non-stationary and evolution
2. Planets and small bodies of the Solar system, exoplanets

Conference working languages: Russian, English.

For all questions concerning the organization and participation in the conference, please, contact us at

Full information on the conference is placed in the web page:
Tags: астро, конференции

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