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arXiv - наше всё!

Даже для работ с телескопов ESO это работает - статьи, выложенные в arXiv цитируются заметно чаще :)
Впрочем, авторы отсторожно отмечают, что не факт, что  это лишь эффект "большей заметности" статей.
Забавно, что они опрашивали авторов не выложенных работ: "почему не послали в арХив?" Ответило 60% опрошенных, Most frequently, authors were too busy for the submission process and had other priorities.
Title: On the Availability of ESO Data Papers on arXiv/astro-ph
Authors: Uta Grothkopf, Dominic Bordelon, Silvia Meakins, Eric Emsellem
Comments: 4 pages, 3 figures, 2 tables
Journal-ref: The Messenger 170 (December 2017): 58-61
DOI: 10.18727/0722-6691/5056

Using the ESO Telescope Bibliography database telbib, we have investigated
the percentage of ESO data papers that were submitted to the arXiv/astro-ph
e-print server and that are therefore free to read. Our study revealed an
availability of up to 96% of telbib papers on arXiv over the years 2010 to
2017. We also compared the citation counts of arXiv vs. non-arXiv papers and
found that on average, papers submitted to arXiv are cited 2.8 times more often
than those not on arXiv. While simulations suggest that these findings are
statistically significant, we cannot yet draw firm conclusions as to the main
cause of these differences.
Tags: astro-ph, астро, статейки

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