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Неаполь-2013, Канары-2015, Нижний Архыз - 2016

Даже начальный этап подготовки занял куда больше времени и сил, чем планировалось. Посмотрим, каково будет дальше :)

The main purpose of the conference is the discussions between observers and theorists on the current understanding on the origin and evolution of the angular momentum decoupling in galaxies ("multi-spin galaxies" V. Rubin, 1994). This class of objects includes all galaxies with a kinematically distinct component of gas and/or stars, with several inclination angles and extensions with respect to the host galaxy: they are galaxies with inner or extended polar rings/disks, low-inclined rings, kinematically decoupled cores, and any types of counter-rotating components.

The previous meeting of this series held in Naples in 2013. Also related problems were discussed during the Special Session on EWASS-2015, Tenerife.

The conference will focus on the following main topics:

  • Morphology, photometry and stellar population in multi-spin systems

  • Gas and stars kinematics and dynamics of multi-spin systems

  • The role of environment in the formation and evolution of multi-spin galaxies

  • Low surface brightness features: dwarf, tidal tails and debris, filamentary accretion...

  • Properties of colliding/interacting galaxies as a function of redshift

Tags: Буковское, конференции, своя наука

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