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Международная конференция "Dark Ages and White Nights (Spectroscopy of the CMB)"

И еще вот такой анонс на институтском сайте, только подробностей по оригинальнйо ссылуке пока маловато.

Dark Ages and White Nights (Spectroscopy of the CMB)

Date: 20- 24 June 2016
Saint Petersburg

The conference is devoted to discussion of development of the experimental and theoretical cosmology concerned with formation and propagation of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) spectrum and proto-objects in the Early Universe corresponding to redshifts from z=10-15 to z=6000.

The spectroscopy of the CMB has enormous information potential for the determination of emission mechanisms and physical conditions in the medium along the path of photons. The study of the CMB spectrum allow us to extract important information about spatial, thermal and chemical evolution of the matter in the Early Universe.These investigations are meaningful for the consequent construction of the pre-stellar evolution epoch of the Universe following the recombination of primordial hydrogen and helium. The detailed research of the spatial spectral fluctuations of the CMB temperature formed at the recombination epoch is also under the special interest and very perspective. Apart from the effects predicted by the standard cosmology, it allows us to check a lot of predictions of non-standard cosmology models.

The development of new breakthrough equipment and fundamentally new physical principles of measurements in millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength ranges, the use of ground-based and space-based antennas will also be discussed at the conference.
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